Why Curaçao?

Why Register a vessel in Curaçao?

  • Vessels registered in Curaçao may fly the prestigious "red, white and blue" of the Netherlands Kingdom but are subject to the favorable jurisdiction of Curaçao. The Netherlands is an internationally well respected seagoing nation with high safety standards.

  • Curaçao law provides both for “bareboat-in” as well as “bareboat-out”, from/to any country which allows parallel registration.

  • Vessels owned by companies which are established in Curaçao, the EU-memberstates, United States of America, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, are allowed to register in Curaçao.

  • Very flexible nationality requirements for crew members.

  • Exemption from all social security contributions and income/wage tax for all crew members irrespective of their nationality.

  • Shipping companies may opt for taxation based on net tonnage instead of being taxed on their actual operating results. An enterprise operating a ship can opt for this facility provided that certain conditions are met. The taxation amounts to USD 0.39 - USD 0.12 per net-ton yearly (depending on the size of the vessel), minimum USD 565 per year.

  • A great advantage of the Curaçao Tonnage tax is the very broad definition of the taxable profits. In principle ‘every legitimate use of a vessel’ (outside the territorial waters of Curaçao) is eligible for the Tonnage Tax. Thus specialized ships like Survey-, fishing-, cable-laying- and dredging vessels, tugboats, (oil-)rigs etc. all qualify for tonnage-based taxation.

  • The Tonnage rule can be stopped any time when for example a vessel is sold. The profit out of this sale is free of tax.

  • Curaçao offers a secure legal system with a trustworthy shipsregister for ownership and registration of mortgages. Internationally renowned financial institutions are fully accepting and covering ships registered in Curaçao.

  • Curaçao offers excellent notaries, lawyers, accountants and Shipmanagement companies providing very adequate services.

  • The shipping industry as a whole is very well developed on Curaçao offering great port-facilities and excellent support services.

But there is much more to consider.....

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