Commercial Optimisation

  • Promoting a coherent, collaborative working environment

  • Managing Human Resources

  • Setting up Bimco contracts

  • Advising on IT systems

We believe that positive working environments are the key to achieving greatness in business - success starts from the inside and works its way out. Before founding Berk Marine, Bob van der Kraats was the driving force behind Acta Marine's in-house management software. This integrates and optimises the multifarious operational aspects of the company, helping to improve work flow, performance, quality and productivity.

The capability to understand and refine often complex processes is an important asset that Berk Marine provides direct access to. We also have considerable experience in making, evaluating and negotiating Bimco contracts, which deal with time-, bareboat- and towing charter parties. These are widely used in the shipping industry and hands-on experience can prove invaluable.