About us

Berk Marine B.V. was established by Bob van der Kraats in January 2011. It's aim is to provide vessel operators with ready access to best practice experience and expertise in the global shipping and maritime industries.

Our goal is to arm you with the foresight and understanding required to sail through the process of setting up, developing and operating a maritime company. By streamlining your operations, leveraging tax opportunities and introducing appropriate business efficiencies, we can help you negotiate around the red tape, restrictions and responsibilities that have long term implications for your bottom line.

Founder and Managing Director:

Bob van der Kraats

is a Dutch national with over twenty years’ experience in the offshore and maritime sector. A graduate in petroleum and gas engineering from the College of Petroleum and Gas Technology Noorderhaaks, Den Helder, Bob’s career experience includes positions at Dowel Schlumberger, Expro North Sea and Placid International Oil.

In 1993, Bob joined the Rederij Waterweg B.V. in Den Helder, first as Operations Manager, and then General Manager. Acquired by Van Oord in 2004, Rederij Waterweg was subsequently rebranded and restructured to form the Acta Marine Group, for which Bob was the Commercial Director.

Acta Marine owns and operates a worldwide fleet of more than 40 workboats in the dredging, oil and gas, cable and offshore wind energy sectors, hence Bob's commercial and technical experience spans these and other market sectors.